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Mecenati of the XXI Century, 2018 edition

The Award Mecenati of the XXI Century is organised by pptArt, an Italian-based crowdsourcing platform offering bespoke art-related services to corporations and individuals. The ceremony took place at the European Parliament, in Brussels, on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. An award was attributed to the Collection Pictet based on the following statement :

“For creating a stimulating environment for clients and employees through a collection of 750 works of art dating from 1805 to the present”

Opening speech by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani (extract) :

“The European Parliament had granted its high patronage to the ‘Art patrons of the XXI century’ program because Art is an important component of our common European cultural heritage, that we celebrate this year. Europe’s cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, is our common wealth - our inheritance from previous generations of Europeans and our legacy for those to come. It is an irreplaceable repository of knowledge and a valuable resource for economic growth, employment and social cohesion. It enriches the individual lives of hundreds of millions of people, is a source of inspiration for thinkers and artists, and a driver for our cultural and creative industries. Our cultural heritage and the way we preserve and valorise it is a major factor in defining Europe's place in the world and its attractiveness as a place to live, work, and visit. Art and culture can be considered as a kind of soft power with a high potential to attract people and thus reinforce the idea of a common European belonging.”

On the ceremony pictures : Loa Haagen Pictet, chief curator of the Collection Pictet, and Luca Desiata, founder of pptArt

Loa Haagen Pictet et Prof. Luca Desiata
Loa Haagen Pictet