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  • Introduction

The Collection Pictet

A collection of Swiss art from 1805 to the present day

The Collection Pictet focuses exclusively on Swiss art and artists from 1805, year of the foundation of our firm, to the present. It currently holds more than 1'000 works from a variety of techniques.

The Collection is based on the Pictet Group’s values, reflecting its search for excellence, appetite for innovation and independent spirit.

Each new piece is acquired with the aim of adding to a collection of works that are significant in terms of both the artist's career and the history of art. With a view to supporting the younger generation, the Collection Pictet also actively collaborates with artists and follows their professional careers. In addition to being rooted in history, the Collection has an eye to the future and promotes innovation.

In acknowledgement of its roots, Pictet has chosen to collect Swiss art by artists from a wide range of backgrounds. All share a cultural link with Switzerland through their training, exhibitions, commitments and relationships, regardless of their place of origin. Far from wishing to promote a nationalist outlook, the Collection seeks to include the countless influences that are to be found across the country. A selection of this kind offers a multitude of perspectives on the state of the world.

Works from the Collection are exhibited at the Group’s Geneva head office and in its offices abroad, thus acting as symbolic landmarks in the Bank’s premises. In an attempt to create a dialogue between art, the location in which it is placed and those who inhabit that location, artists are regularly invited to design works in situ.

The presence of these works of art is constantly being highlighted in the everyday life of the Bank through communication and internal and external activities. The Collection Pictet regularly loans works to temporary exhibitions and collaborates with many museums and cultural institutions. The Collection Pictet is a member of the International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art (IACCCA).