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Jean-Antoine Linck

1766 - 1843
A specialist of views depicting Geneva’s surround-ings, the Simplon and the Great St Bernard Pass, Jean-Antoine Linck was to have a rather circumspect career despite a prestigious clientele that included Catherine II of Russia, the Empress Joséphine, Cardinal Fesch and probably Lucien Bonaparte.

Linck stands out for his unspectacular way of paying homage to the delights of nature. In his work theatricality gives way to a precise, detailed description of the elements, shunning grand Romantic sentiment and the feat of conquering the Alps.

A virtuoso draughtsman, he also turned out gouaches and engravings that are delicately highlighted with watercolour. His use of these media – considered minor – doubtless explains the “confidentiality” that surrounds his output, despite its refined and elegant qualities.