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Fabian Marti

Born in 1979 in Fribourg, Fabian Marti studied at the Department of Photography at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zurich (HGKZ) and visited the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles in 2008. He then developed his oeuvre around photography, sculpture, video and installation works. Although Marti’s photograms and ceramics may be associated with formalism, abstraction and Op Art, the artist says he is more interest in shamanism, mysticism and accessing the subconscious and the beyond.

He explores varied subjects through a repertoire of forms (spirals, crosses, eggs, crystals, imprints) with a symbolic charge, kinds of modern vanitas. He disfigures the covers of science fiction books, whose titles he camouflages beneath black ribbon, allowing these antiquated images to open themselves up to new fields of potential meaning and narratives (Kaléidoscope, 2007). Fascinated by the infinite possibilities of spiritual exploration and loss of control offered by hallucinogenic plants, he stages them in beautifully manicured gardens (Héroïque Dose, 2011).

His ceramic sculptures, which he began in 2011, seem to be deformed by the powerful forces of invisible whirlwinds. The colours and forms which make up his photograms also evolve towards other levels of perception. Marti wanders along winding paths which invite us to contemplate our own existence and induce the revelation of the passions which drive us.

His work has been regularly presented since 2005 in Switzerland, Europe and the United States. Marti lives and works in Zurich. The Kunstmuseum Luzern is devoting a major exhibition to him in 2016.