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Claudio Moser

Claudio Moser is one of those artists who move around, wander about on foot, examining the world as it appears. Through his still and movie camera, his sensitive eye alights on places where some action could very well take shape, where the memory of some act can still be seen. He avoids judging, exposing or highlighting the spectacular, the dramatic or the comic. To these Moser prefers ambivalent situations that fall somewhere between absence and presence, nature and civilisation. The artist explores areas where the traces of both are all entangled. His walks often lead him to the outskirts of cities in those zones that inspire little affection and look alike the world over, where urban reality melts into the countryside and structure blends with disorder.

His vocabulary remains neutral, although it is certainly a far cry from cold objectivity. Without premeditation, forcing nothing, Moser patiently observes, waiting for the moment when colour, form and content converge. Like an attentive, discreet traveller, he touches lightly on his subjects and suspends time without ever revealing all there is to see. And slowly, the things we wouldn’t perhaps have paid any mind loom up before our eyes. Light digs further into the image’s depth of field and gradually draws the viewer in and through its multiple layers. The image pulls us into its depths without our ever being able to reach its limits.

Born in 1959 in Aarau, Claudio Moser graduated in 1984 from Geneva’s École supérieure d’arts visuels. His work in photography and film has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. Winterthur’s Fotomuseum devoted a solo show to him in 2002; a retrospective in 2009 at the Kunstmuseum Thun examined his career to date in an exhibition layout designed by Harry Gugger.