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Elza Sile

Born in Latvia, artist Elza Sile lives and works in Zurich. She offers a new form of expression on aluminium, a reflection that blends the painting gesture with goldwork on metal. Combining engraving and the accumulation of material, Sile works on both sides of the surface. She dents, pierces and scratches her aluminium plates, while ornamenting them with material straight from the paint tube.

Her hybrid compositions, mixing predefined painted mental images with an analytical element, are all experiments and entanglements of languages. Here we find an exploration proper to art and painting, that of the support-surface, while we can also identify references to the worlds of technology or jewellery.

The acquisition of two works by Elza Sile underscores the Collection Pictet’s support for young artists, and its desire to follow their careers over the long term.

Works by Elza Sile were presented in the exhibition Geometrische Opulenz, at Zurich’s Haus Konstruktiv in 2022. That same year, the KIM? Contemporary Art Centre (Riga) dedicated a solo exhibition to her work.