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Zilla Leutenegger

Black Hair , 2007
pencil and acrylic on paper
80.0 x 56.0 cm
In the series Black Hair, Zilla Leutenegger gets her androgynous silhouette to move from one drawing to another. We see her now wandering along a path, now leaning on a bench, now deep in thought, her eyes hidden by her dark hair, whose blackness sharply contrasts with the white paper.

Sketched with a few spontaneous lines from a pencil, then enhanced with pure acrylic colours, her drawings are appealing for their immediacy. The unfinished aspect of these images with their sometimes fragmented lines and their dribbles of dried paint leave room for imagination and fantasy. Zilla Leutenegger’s works on paper can be interpreted either as isolated scenes or as chapters in a story straddling reality and fiction, absence and presence, autobiography and anonymity.
Zilla Leutenegger, Black Hair , Cheveux noirs, 2007