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Alain Huck

Chambre rose (Animal Beauty), 2001
watercolour on paper
30.0 x 40.0 cm
Animal Beauty looks like a personal archive of “signs, words, traces and figures making up the human person and his or her relationship to the body, language, landscape and nature”, like the image-filled diary he began in 1993 that gave rise to this project.

Smallish-sized sheets of paper feature drawings, graphic signs, secretions reworked in watercolours, organic forms and swashes of ink, composing a series that boasts a great range of styles and techniques. Using cut-outs, employing snatches of text, perforating the support, Alain Huck gives voice to a world made up of doubts and fears, which he grasps through the constant friction between the mental and the physical. In 2002, in Lausanne’s Circuit art venue, the artist fashioned a maze from Animal Beauty, physically hindering visitors in their movement through the show and in their relationship to the work.
Alain Huck, Chambre rose (Animal Beauty), 2001