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Zilla Leutenegger

Delete 1, 2006
video drawing with wall drawing, 1 projection, black-and-white, no sound, loop
150.0 x 50.0 cm
The installation Delete 1 combines a mural drawing with a projected video of an animated drawing. In the projector’s light beam, it presents a small silhouette of a chambermaid in an old-fashioned uniform, busy erasing the contours of a monumentally sized contemporary young woman.

Illustrating a simple activity, a calm and silent domestic task, this installation is surprising not only for the clean aesthetics of its graphics, but also for its temporal component. Through the movement and action, Zilla Leutenegger introduces the notion of time into her work, just as she takes possession of the space, giving rise to a total work of art that is both discreet and singular, a metaphor for a past trying to make the present disappear.
Zilla Leutenegger, Delete 1, 2006