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Lutz & Guggisberg

Heavy Light, 2011
metal, Ytong concrete
33.0 x 48.0 x 24.0 cm
Created in 2011, this sculpture made of metal and Ytong concrete blocks playfully reconstructs a typical 1960s’ bedside lamp or desk lamp, one that is more specifically typical of those which the Dutch modernist industrial designer Herman Theodoor Jan Anthoin Busquet designed for the firm Hala Zeist. Lutz & Guggisberg ironically and surprisingly paraphrase a household object by diverting it from its traditional use, and especially by removing its functionality. It is in fact a blinded lamp, because in this case, the beam of light that originally escaped from the lampshade has been crystallised in solid concrete, inspiring the work’s title: Heavy Light.

The do-it-yourself spirit that sometimes characterises the two artists’ work is supplanted by an exhilarating authentic mission to free objects from their ordinary primary function, in order to reveal an unconventional facet. Lutz & Guggisberg have fun dreaming up scenarios both fantastic and absurd, always tinged with a strange brand of humour that has become their genuine trademark.
Andres/Anders Lutz /Guggisberg, Heavy Light, 2011