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Olaf Breuning

Ice Cream, Snowman, Chocolate (Drawing of Sculpture), 2004
3 drawings, pencil on paper
28.0 x 21.5 cm each
Mr Melting Men (Icecream, Snowman and Chocolate), 2004, which belongs to Collection Pictet, reveals something deeper under the surface, linked to the human condition and non-Western artistic practices.

Created in Ghana by artisan Samuel Nash based on original drawings by Olaf Breuning, the three wooden sculptures do more than take up a national tradition of ornamenting functional coffins that started about fifty years ago; they cheerfully represent the idea of disappearance through the image of a snowman, an ice-cream cone and a chocolate bar that—as they smile and give us the thumbs-up—are waiting to melt.
Olaf Breuning, Ice Cream - Drawing of Sculpture
Snowman - Drawing of Sculpture
Chocolate - Drawing of Sculpture, 2004