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Les frères Chapuisat

L'Ambition d'une idée, 2016
argon gas, Pyrex glass, dimmer
diamètre 30.0 cm
L’Ambition d’une idée (2016) looks like a brain. Created with compressed, twisting Pyrex glass, it is illuminated by circulating argon gas. When connected to an electric current, the gas shakes—like the active neurons in our brain—and emits a blue light.

This work is one of the quirky objects the Chapuisat Brothers design alongside their in situ projects. Often tinged with humour and created by means of a variety of techniques, these curiosities express the zany world in which the group lives and draws its inspiration. Others include Cellules dormantes (2008), which presents sheepskins set up on tripods, and Matrice (2016), which recalls their famous slogan “In Wood We Trust”, posted on redwood planks.
Les frères Chapuisat, L'Ambition d'une idée, 2016