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Zilla Leutenegger

Moondiver, 2015
video installation with wall drawing, 1 projection, colour, sound, 4 min., loop
dimensions variables
With Moondiver, Zilla Leutenegger imagines an improbable, miraculous catch: a construction crane that has taken down the moon and is delicately moving it—hanging in its harness—with a to-and-fro movement, now vertical, now horizontal, until it disappears into the floor.

As she usually does, the artist combines several mediums in an installation that has a complex technical construction. The static mural drawing of the machine, painted in black acrylic, contrasts with the digital image of the mysterious star with changing colours, whose mobility and swaying are made possible by a video projection.

This multiplicity of techniques echoes that of radically opposite formal worlds which nevertheless interweave subtly. Once again, the artist succeeds in playfully shaking up our visual habits through a reverie.
Zilla Leutenegger, Moondiver, 2015