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Dieter Roth

Motorradfahrer, 1969
tinplate toy, doused with acrylic paint and mounted on a wooden base
12.0 x 17.0 x 11.3 cm
In sculpture Dieter Roth developed a teeming body of work, too, blending technical inventions and objects from daily life.

In this medium the theme of the motorcyclist frequently comes up, along with several others, including the rabbit, the hat and light bulbs. As if composing a piece of music, Roth likes to repeat familiar motifs and these, like the pieces of a game, are constantly modified by the use of new methods and the new contexts in which they are projected.

Here the tin toy, covered with paint, looks as if it is imprisoned in pigment, which is turned for the nonce into something oppressive. By radically transforming his work, method, direction, and the media he employed, Roth also altered the interpretation of his art, placing his approach in an endless exploration in which the final product is less important than the process that presided at its initial creation.
Dieter Roth, Motorradfahrer, 1969