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Olaf Breuning

"Mr Melting Men (Icecream, Snowman & Chocolate)", 2004
customized wood coffins (3 sculptures)
dimensions variables
Mr Melting Men (Icecream, Snowman and Chocolate), 2004, which belongs to Collection Pictet, reveals something deeper under the surface, linked to the human condition and non-Western artistic practices.

Created in Ghana by artisan Samuel Nash based on original drawings by Olaf Breuning, the three wooden sculptures do more than take up a national tradition of ornamenting functional coffins that started about fifty years ago; they cheerfully represent the idea of disappearance through the image of a snowman, an ice-cream cone and a chocolate bar that—as they smile and give us the thumbs-up—are waiting to melt.
Olaf Breuning, "Mr Melting Men (Icecream, Snowman & Chocolate)", 2004