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Annelies Strba

Nyima 197, 2005
inkjet on canvas
150.0 x 100.0 cm
Shortly after shooting her video Dawa (moon in Tibetan) in 2001, Annelies Strba put together the film’s companion piece, Nyima (sun), that same year. The family of her daughters and their children are the protagonists of the former video whereas the latter is entirely dedicated to a nature that is nearly devoid of humans. From these two videos Strba has drawn a series of freeze-frame photographs. Thanks to that process, the artist considerably multiples and extends fleeting views and moments plucked from reality. Her eye is moved by bucolic landscapes, great bursts of exotic blossoms and long-haired women clad in muslin skirts.

Unlike the Collection Pictet’s series Mountains (2005), Nyima 197 is an image that has been heavily reworked in the computer. The artist avails herself of this tool to transform a view “rom the outside” into an emotionally charged vision that corresponds to her deepest inner reality. Blue poppies, rising here and there in a field, offer a dream version of the classic field of wheat scattered with red poppies. Like a summer variation on snowflakes, the colour of these flowers echoes the upper part of the image, which is suffused with identical tones.

If the video Nyima plays out for twenty-nine minutes to the sound of Buddhist chants that were recorded in Nepal, the excerpted stills no longer depend on the film’s rhythm and temporally isolate compositions that are free of music. A daydream obtained by manipulating, saturating or overexposing the image, the photography is above all an essentially colourist composition, recalling impressionist or fauvist vibrations of another era.
Annelies Štrba, Nyima 197, 2005