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Rico Weber

Politische Wetterlage, 1994
acrylic, resin, silicone, metal, photo print
116.0 x 116.0 cm
Politische Wetterlage (1994) creates the illusion of an ordinary environment, thanks to its television boxes, but—unlike real television technology—Weber’s work ironically emphasizes moments frozen in time, with the help of icons that the viewer can easily recognise, like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, a TV news set, a weather forecast.

While the public’s attention stays on the miscellaneous or political news items illustrated on the screen, Weber explores a new colour reality in the vein of the Nouveaux Réalistes, by observing the strange, rapid chromatic transformations induced by the cathode tubes. Though it is now outmoded, television technology allowed Weber to cross the boundaries of different forms of expression and open his work to a unique exploration of images and colour.
Rico Weber, Politische Wetterlage, 1994