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Pierre Schwerzmann

Sans titre, 2006
acrylic on canvas
183.0 x 155.0 cm
“Pierre Schwerzmann’s paintings jump out at you. One sees them immediately there, precise and incisive in their rhetoric, angular, cold and often strident. They have an absolute visibility. Everything that can be seen in them is clear, definite and explicitly formulated. The paintings emphasise what they show. They hide nothing, encrypt nothing. There is nothing to be found in them other than what is to be seen.” Thomas Huber

Pure compositions of shapes and colours, Schwerzmann’s paintings are made with brushstrokes applied with infinite precision, leaving no trace in the smooth texture of the matter deposited on the canvas. The act of painting is carried out according to a clearly decided logic. The artist is methodical in his way of painting colour and containing it within absolutely smooth geometric surfaces that are distinct from one another.

Schwerzmann explores the work’s spatiality through geometric chromatic fields that undergo a reversal in a play of reflections revealing now a cross, now a rectangular box. Although they obey the most rational formal logic, through this conjunction of solids and voids, these paintings manage to suggest an imaginary pictorial depth that penetrates the surface of the canvas.
Pierre Schwerzmann, sans titre, 2006