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Dieter Roth

Selbstbildnis als Pariser, 1973
48.0 x 36.0 cm
Just as symbolic in Dieter Roth’s work, the subject of the self-portrait appears ubiquitously in his pieces, regardless of the technique.

Selbstbildnis als Pariser is a 1973 photogravure that causes an image of the artist as a Parisian to reappear. The title and the cut through the center recall other works in the Selbst als... series, in which Dieter Roth presents himself in the not-always-identifiable form of animals, materials or objects.

The nearly symmetrical silhouette framing the heart of this photogravure comes up again, for example, in a drawing from the same year, Selbstportrait als Kartoffel (Self-Portrait as a Potato).

The theme of the self-portrait in Roth’s work was the subject of an exhibition presented at the Aargauer Kunsthaus in 2011.
Dieter Roth, Selbstbildnis als Pariser, 1973