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Daniel Spoerri

Tableau piège, 1972
assemblage, mixed media
70.5 x 70.5 x 34.0 cm
As indicated by the restaurant check placed under the wine glass, the 1972 Tableau piège (Snare-Picture) was created in the Spoerri Restaurant in Düsseldorf, where the artist suggested to his guests that they buy their table and take it with them. On a Klein-blue board are some abandoned remnants of coffees and a few cigarettes smoked at the end of the meal. Spoerri attached the objects just as they were left, without worrying about their apparent disorder, and even less about their disintegration.

This objective appropriation of reality enabled the artist not only to question the search for the sublime in art, but more importantly to bring the work of art as close as possible to existence.
Daniel Spoerri, Tableau piège, 1972