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Albrecht Schnider

Untitled, 2019
acrylic varnish on canvas
205.0 x 145.0 x 4.0 cm
Since the mid-1990s, Albrecht Schnider (1958) has been favoring large canvases, but each of his abstract compositions (Untitled, 2019) is initially drawn on a small piece of paper. With a mixture of intuition and automatism, the pencil crosses the sheet in a continuous stroke, changing direction between curved line and straight line, thus dividing its own outline into a multitude of forms that the artists makes perceptible through color. This establishes a play between full and empty spaces, content and form, in a meticulous subdivision of the pictorial space. In this complex fragmentation of the motif, an idea of movement and depth reminds us of the op art trend and its optical distortions. Without seeking illusion, here Schnider explores the subtlety of geometric drawing and the infinite possibility of forms made visible only by the pencil’s path.
Albrecht Schnider, Untitled, 2019