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Albrecht Schnider

Untitled, 2018
spray paint on paper
21.0 x 14.9 cm
Like a vast repertoire, the series on paper (Untitled, 2018-2019) is based less on construction than on the combining of forms and colors that the artist chooses beforehand. Spray-painted through stencils in a shaped-canvas style, Schnider experiments with the placement and juxtaposition of geometric figures in a lively and colorful language. On white paper that always has the same dimensions, the use of the stencil reveals shapes that seem to partly extend beyond the sheet. In balance or in tension, the elements attract each other without ever touching, in a chromatic dialogue that is renewed with each combination. Through this smaller format, Schnider gives us the fruit of a work that appears more intimate, like a new formal vocabulary.
Albrecht Schnider, Untitled, 2018