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Jules Spinatsch

We Will Never Be So Close Again, New York Nr. 1 (Irishmen), 1997
C-print on aluminium
103.0 x 70.0 cm
Begun in New York in 1997 and continued in Zurich and finally Paris in 1998, the series We Will Never Be So Close Again offers a mosaic of portraits of anonymous subjects at the wheel of their automobiles. Jules Spinatsch took these pictures in the street, at traffic lights, capturing those few seconds of waiting time before the traffic takes off again.

Expecting nothing spectacular and with deliberate simplicity, Spinatsch focuses on the expression of these men and women who are waiting to drive on. They often look absent, lost in thought or gazing at something outside our visual field.

The unwitting subjects of these images are captured in casual poses, free from any form of narcissistic control, offering us a slice of life that lasts as long as a red light. This common, trivial experience brings the viewer into a condition of arbitrary and ephemeral intimacy that can convey or trigger a wide spectrum of emotions.
Jules Spinatsch, We Will Never Be So Close Again, 
New York Nr. 1 (Irishmen), 1997