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Dieter Roth

Small Sunset, 1970
sausage slice on blue-and-white vellum paper in a plastic cover
43.3 x 32.0 cm
Staying in the organic world, Small Sunset (1970) symbolizes a sunset on a turquoise sea. A slice of sausage fixed to the center of a sheet of velum paper represents that romantic landscape reduced to the most basic vocabulary.

Created in different versions, this small landscape is the counterpart of the Grosse Landschaft (Big Landscape), for which Dieter Roth used cheese in a similar composition, but in much larger formats.

As for the sausage theme, it echoes another of the artist’s series, Literaturwurst (Literature Sausage), which underlines the central place that writing occupied in his career. In 1961, he started making sausages out of books he had not enjoyed; once the paper had been mixed with the other ingredients, only the meat had been supplanted by the text.
Dieter Roth, Small Sunset, 1970